Confronting Product Complexity, Connectivity

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), product companies face unprecedented change. Complex, connected products incorporate hardware, software and electronics into systems that communicate with other products, services and people via always-on Internet connections.

How can organizations effectively manage the business of engineering in this new paradigm?

As companies rush to bring new products to market, business processes designed for a simpler era are being stretched, causing numerous quality problems resulting in rising product recalls, warranty claims and liability issues.

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Software represents more than 35 percent of a car’s total cost and is growing rapidly.

Research Report: IoT’s Impact on the Business of Engineering

Perceptive Analysis

The Complexity Challenge

Product complexity has increased exponentially and continues to accelerate, raising many new challenges:

Coordinating mechanical, software and electronics

Managing suppliers that control critical technologies

Ensuring product safety when updates occur in the field

Maintaining compliance with a maze of new regulations

More than two decades ago, major manufacturers began implementing PLM to address these challenges. But according to independent analysts CIMdata:

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Few PLM implementations achieve their original goals and often end up as PDM silos that struggle to evolve as business needs change.

CIMdata Commentary: "The Business of Engineering"


Powering the Business of Engineering

Today's winning companies power the business of engineering by integrating cross-discipline product development, manufacturing and field service with flexible processes across the extended enterprise, including suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders.

In a recent TEC guest blog post, Aras CEO Peter Schroer highlighted the need for a PLM platform to power the business of engineering.

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“What’s required is a true cross-discipline approach to provide product data and process frameworks that span the enterprise”.

Aras CEO Peter Schroer


Industry Perspectives

Industry experts from Airbus and CIMdata reflect on
the challenges of managing today's business of engineering

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